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Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Date: 2023-09-25   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

There are passengers who mistakenly write their name incorrectly on their Allegiant Airlines flight ticket, but no worry, Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy has all covered it up for you because this policy allows its passengers to make some reasonable changes to the name on their tickets.

If you are also looking for a method by which you can get your name corrected on Allegiant's ticket, then you can try Allegiant Air's correct Name Online, via phone, email, social media and many more. You can look at all the details related to their policy below.


Allegiant Airlines Correct Name Method

Allegiant Airlines provides excellent services to its passengers, and when it comes to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience with their airlines, Allegiant is all set for it. If you have misspelt your name on a flight ticket with Allegiant Airlines, then you don't need to worry at all because Allegiant Airlines' name correction policy gives you multiple avenues through which you can request to make changes to your passenger on flight ticket:


1. Allegiant Name change via Phone Call

The best way to change your name is by contacting Allegiant Name Change via Phone Call at 1 (702) 505-8888 or 1-877-657-0890 (OTA). The customer service department of airlines is available around the corner for its passing, allowing them to ask for assistance whenever they want; you can get in touch with the tairline's agent and seek all kinds of help related to Allegiant Airlines Name Correction policy. The dedicated team on this number is fully qualified to help customers with itinerary issues.


2. Allegiant Air Correct Name online

Any passengers who couldn't contact the airline's agent on their customer service number can definitely try using the online methods to make changes to their name on the flight ticket. Here are some of the methods that can help:


3. Change your name by going through their official website

Visit Allegiant Airlines' official website,  where you can navigate to the 'Manage Trip' option where you can simply enter your booking credentials along with your last name that will help you go to the flight details that you have booked, where you can make changes to the name of the passengers as per the government-approved identity proof. You just need to pay Allegiant Airlines name correction fees if required to confirm your changes in name.


4. Change name via Live Chat

The option of Live chat is available on Allegiant Airlines' official website, where you just need to look for the 'Contact Us' section on the homepage. A  new page will open on your screen, where you will find a live chat option. This option will allow you to seek assistance from the chatbot on their website, which will help you make changes to your name on the flight ticket.


5. Change name via social media channel

Allegiant Airlines provides its customer services to its passengers through various social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, Twitter and many others platforms. Go to their accounts and follow them. You can slide into their inbox and ask them about Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy. The assistant on their social media account will get back to you with a suitable solution. Here are few links which can help you reach their social media account:


6. Change name via Emailing

Drop an email to Allegiant Airlines to seek some help regarding their name change policy. You can go to the official website of the airline and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, where you will find the "Contact Us'' section. Click on the "Email  Us" option. You will be directed to the contact page of Allegiant, where you need to select the name correction option. Fill in with the correct details asked, after which you need to click on the "Submit" button to submit the email. Or you can simply send an email to them at


7. Change name through mobile app

Passengers need to install the app from the App Store, Play Store or any other site that your device supports. Open the app on your device and sign in on the Allegiant mobile app, look for the "Allegiant Manage Trip" option. Enter your reservation details like name, ticket number etc. Make changes to the name as per the legal document, and enter the 'submit' option. After this, you need to pay Allegiant Airlines name correction fees, after which you will confirm the changes and request a new reservation with your correct name.


Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airlines understands that there can be times when the passengers make a few mistakes while mentioning their name on their flight tickets; because of this, they have come up with an Allegiant Airlines name correction policy which will help the passengers to make the required corrections before going onboard to assure a stress-free and seamless journey with them. These are some highlights from their name correction policy:

  • You can make changes to your name on the flight within 24 hours of booking totally free of cost because the airline provides a 24-hour risk-free window to its passengers, within which you don't need to pay anything extra to make changes to your name on the ticket.
  • Passengers are not allowed to transfer the ticket to any other person. This means the passengers cannot make changes to their name in such a way that the ownership of the ticket is affected.
  • After the name change request is done,  you need to re-issue your flight tickets.
  • There can be an Allegiant Airlines Name Correction fee associated with your request to change the name on the flight ticket.
  • A minor correction in a few characters of the name of the passenger is allowed by Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy. 
  • If the passenger has changed their name legally due to marriage or divorce, then they can change their name only by sharing their legal documents as proof to support your request.


Allegiant Airlines Name Correction fees

Minor changes to the first and last names of the passengers do not cost the Allegiant Air Name Change fee. However, according to Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy, those who are requesting major changes in the name have to pay some additional charges that can vary depending on the request and fare type.

Passengers can make changes to up to 4 characters of the name and can also change the middle name by paying Allegiant Airlines Name Correction fees of almost $225 along with the difference in charge. You can also change name on Allegiant Airline ticket within 24 hours of reservation, which will help you make suitable changes without paying anything extra.

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Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy 

In case of a few spelling mistakes in a passenger's name, Allegiant provides the Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy, which will help travellers make suitable changes without much inconvenience. However, Allegiant Airlines holds a strict name change policy because they do not permit its passengers to transfer the ownership of their reservation to any other passengers due to some security and safety reasons. 

All those who are looking forward to making changes in their name on the flight ticket can contact Allegiant Name Change via Phone call to get all the details regarding your eligibility to make changes as per Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy and ask the agent to help you Change Name on Allegiant airline Ticket.



Allegiant Airlines' passengers who are facing a tough situation because they have written the wrong names on their flight must not panic and go through the details mentioned above, where you will get a complete tour of Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy, the method to make changes, the fees associated with the changes and many more.

For any further query related to Allegiant Airlines' policies you can dial Allegiant Name Change via Phone Call, where the passengers can communicate their issue with the live agent regarding their wrong name issue.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I cancel an Allegiant flight without penalty?
Ans. Yes, cancelling Allegiant flights without penalty is possible only if the passenger requests to make changes in the passenger's name within 24 hours of booking Because the airline has set up a 24-hour Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy under which the passenger can cancel their flight without paying anything extra.
Q. Can I change my Allegiant flight for free
Ans. According to Allegiant Airlines' policies, passengers are allowed to make any change or cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking, which actually gives flexibility to the passengers of the airlines to take some actions in case of second thoughts. You can also take the help of Trip Flex to change your flight with Allegiant for free.
Q. Allegiant transfer ticket to another person
Ans. Sadly, Allegiant Airlines does not give the liberty of transferring the ticket to another person as per Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy; this step is taken by the airlines to ensure the security and safety of the passengers.
Q. How to cancel Allegiant flight on app
Ans. To cancel your Allegiant flight on the app, you need to download the Allegiant Airlines mobile app on your device, after which you need to log in with your account to get access to all the services of airlines available on the app. You can navigate to the Manage Trip, where you can locate the flight you want to cancel and simply cancel it. You may need to pay some additional charges for your request.

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