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Change Name On Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket

Date: 2023-09-19   Category: Blog   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
Change Name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket

Alaska Airlines, a prominent US airline, is noted for safety and customer service. The Seattle-based airline has a large domestic and international flight network. Alaska Airlines serves over 115 West Coast locations. Its unique alliance with Virgin America has increased its route network and boosted connectivity. Alaska Airlines provides in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and free snacks and drinks. Alaska Airlines allows name changes. Alaska Airlines makes changing your ticket name easy. Contacting customer service or visiting their website will immediately correct your name. Learn about Alaska Airlines' name correction policy. 

For more information about Alaska Airlines' Name Correction Policy, call +1-877-657-0890 or +1-800-252-7522. Alaska Airlines will assign you an agent who will help you.

Change The Name On The Boarding Pass 

All Alaska Airlines boarding passes must include the exact name spelling. People often make blunders. When passengers type their names, they make amusing blunders. Sometimes, a name change isn't due to a spelling or letter error. In certain cases, tourists may want to modify their boarding card name. Alaska Airlines' name change policy allows simple ticket changes. It offers many flight ticket name changes. Avoid boarding with the wrong details by understanding Alaska Airlines' name change policy.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

Each department has its airline policies to help customers. The name change/correction policy is great for getting things straight without any fuss. The USA carrier offers user-friendly name change platforms on trustworthy platforms. Online and offline name edits can be made for minor to substantial alterations. Even if you don't fly often, you know the TSA's name change regulation. Your boarding pass name must match your government-issued ID. However, this is good practice for legitimate reasons. Air officials must match your identities on both documents to check the government's watchlist.

Change Name Via Alaska Airlines Website

To change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket online, follow the steps below: Check out the main website for Alaska > My Account > Trip Management > Type in your last name, receipt number, or e-ticket number. Click on Continue > Pick "Change Name" from "Your Information"> Change your name in the "Name" box.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction On Mileage Plan

Change your Mileage Plan name by calling Alaska Airlines at +1-877-657-0890 or +1-800-252-7522. Basic members earn a mile for every mile flown with Alaska Airlines and can redeem them for flights starting at 5,000 miles.


You can contact Alaska Airlines customer service to change your name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket. They are known to provide the best answers and solutions to their passengers. You can change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket by following the policies and rules in this article. I hope you read this article carefully. Stay Safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the limitations of Alaska Airlines' policy on name changes?
Ans. Alaska Airlines offers a flexible name change policy, allowing travellers to rectify any name errors on their tickets at no additional cost within 24 hours of booking. However, after this initial 24-hour period, significant name changes or corrections are subject to the airline's standard name change fees. On the bright side, minor name corrections are free of charge.
Q. Is there a cost for changing the name on an Alaska Airlines airline ticket?
Ans. Alaska Airlines charges a name change fee of USD 125 per name change. However, you can avoid this fee if you request a name change or correction within the 24-hour grace period. The grace period allows you up to 24 hours after purchasing your ticket to make any necessary changes.
Q. How can I alter the name on my plane ticket?
Ans. Here are some ways to change your travel ticket name. First, ask the airline about name changes. Some airlines prohibit name changes, while others have special regulations. The airline may charge for name changes. Contact the airline's customer service department to discuss your options and next steps. Provide your booking number, travel information, and name change reason. Some situations require a marriage certificate or passport.
Q. What happens if I put the wrong name on my Alaska Airlines airline ticket?
Ans. If you have written your name wrong, you may have to book a new ticket after cancelling it. But if you have made a small and silly ticket, you can talk to the customer care service of Alaska Airlines. They will provide you with an agent who will guide you further.