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Does Google Flights Offer Multi City?

Date: 2023-10-30   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
Google cheap flights

Does Google Flights offer Multi flights?

Looking for cheap flights? Luckily, there are lots of ways to get cheap flights. Google Flights is the best way to find the best flight deals. 

Most travelers want easy-to-find, easy-to-book flight deals. Travel agents and all-inclusive packages aren't their thing. They want free and easy connecting flights to see the world. They're always looking for a deal. It's not uncommon for travelers to visit multiple cities in one trip. That's when they look to multi-city flights. 

You can contact the customer service department to learn about Google's cheap flights for traveling in multiple cities. 

Let's take a look at how Google Flights works and how to save money with Google Flights Multi-City.


How do I select multiple cities on Google Flights?

To select multiple cities on Google Flights, follow a procedure. Read below to learn about this:

  1. Visit Google Flights.
  2. Enter your departure and destination cities.
    1. You can also click on a popular destination list or a world map to find destinations.
  3. Select your ticket type: one-way, round-trip, or multi-city.
  4. Choose the number of passengers and cabin class at the top.
  5. Select your flight dates on the calendar. For each day, you'll find the lowest total price.
    1. Flight prices are updated about every 24 hours.
  6. You can add: 
    1. Click Stops, Airlines, Times, or More to filter your results.
    2. You can reorder flights by clicking Sort by. You can find flights by Best Flights (a default order that gives you the best deal between price and convenience), Price, Duration, and Departure Time.
  7. Make sure you pick a flight for each part of your trip.
  8. Choose how you'll book:
    1. Usually, when you click Select, you'll reach the airline's website or an online travel agency.
    2. Some trips can be booked separately.
  9. When you book a flight, contact the airline or online travel agent to confirm, change, or cancel it.
  10. Visit the airline's or online travel agent's site for more information regarding Google Cheap flights.


What is the benefit of using Multi-City Google Flight?

The multi-city feature on Google Flights lets you search for flights with multiple stops. You can use this when you plan to visit multiple cities during your trip and need to book flights with different stops. 

Searching for flights between multiple cities is easier when users put all the cities they want to visit in one search. This is easier with Google Cheap Flights. 

By comparing flights between multiple destinations, you can find the best deals and combinations. You might find a cheaper price for a flight from Las Vegas to Cancun with a one-hour stop in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Google Flight lets users search for flights based on specific dates or different dates. Having this flexibility makes it easy for you to find flights that work for you. You can adjust your dates to find the best flights.


Google cheap flights

If you want to save money on flights this holiday season or any time of year, you can use Google Flights. Google Flights shows you whether current prices are low, typical, or high compared to past prices for the same route. 

Remember, Google Flights is only a search engine, not a flight seller. In the search results, you'll find links to airlines and travel agencies that sell the flight you picked.

Google Flights can search for multiple nearby airports, especially in cities with lots of airports, like London or New York. If you enter an airport code like JFK, only flights from John F. Kennedy Airport will show up. Enter "New York" or NYC, and the drop-down menu will show John F. Kennedy (JFK), Newark (EWR) and LaGuardia (LGA). You'll get all the airports in the area (JFK, EWR, LGA) if you select "New York."

You can customize your flight with Google Flights. Maybe you're loyal to a particular airline or alliance. Maybe you like non-stop flights. You can even specify flight duration, departure time, or connecting airports. The more limited your search, the fewer flights it will find, which means a higher fare.


Google Flights tracking

Before the holiday travel season, Google can help you save. Google Flights lets you follow the price of airfare for a trip you're interested in and get alerts if it changes.

You can even set Google Flights to check airfare prices weeks or months before you need to book. I've used it before and saved more than $500.

It's especially helpful if you're on the edge of traveling and have a hard limit on how much you're willing to spend. Turn the tracker on if you're considering holiday travel but only want to buy tickets at a specific price, and you'll get an alert if a flight's cost drops.

You'll want to set up the alert as early as possible since flights usually get more expensive closer to departure.


Google Flights round-trip

Google Flights lets you search for and book round-trip flights. You can find and compare flights, select the best option, and book them directly.

  • Visit the Google Flights website and click on the "Search Flights" button.
  • In the search field, enter your departure and destination airports. 
  • Tell them when your trip starts and ends and how long it lasts.
  • You can enter the number of passengers here if you have it.
  • Customize your search using various filters, like price range, airline, flight class, and specific dates.
  • After you enter your search criteria, a list of available flights will appear. Click the "Explore Destinations" button to explore other destinations.
  • Click on a flight to see its details, like duration, layovers, and price.
  • Choose the flight that suits you best after reviewing the options.
  • Once you've found the perfect flight, click "Book" to go to the airline's site.

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Multi-city Google Flights app

The Google Flights app is a great tool for finding and booking flights. Its multi-city feature allows users to search and compare prices for multiple destinations at once, making it faster and easier to plan and book trips.

With the multi-city feature, users can enter multiple departure and arrival cities simultaneously. The app will then show flight options for all the selected cities so they can compare fares. The results can be filtered by airlines, departure times, and layovers.

Google Flights also provides valuable tips and tricks. Flight options are suggested based on user preferences and past searches. You can also track price changes and get alerts when prices change.

Google Flights' multi-city feature is useful for travelers planning multi-stop trips. Searching and comparing flights for all destinations allows users to select the trip that suits their budget and needs. The app lets you book connecting flights or separate tickets for different legs.



Google Flight offers the option to select multiple cities and have different layovers. You can travel according to your preferences. Google always offers cheap flight rates to offer comfort and the best travel experience to its passengers. We provided the information you may need regarding booking multi-city Google Cheap Flights. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. How Do I Book a Multi-City Flight on Google?
Ans. Google Flights allows the option to travel in multiple cities with the Google Flights Multi-City option. Book your flight ticket by visiting the Google Flights website. Enter your departure and destination cities. Compare the prices and choose the flights which are better for you. Google Flights allows its passengers to plan a trip to multiple destinations easily.

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