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How Can I Talk To A human At Iberia Airlines?

Date: 2023-10-13   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
 How Can I Talk To A human At Iberia Airlines?

How Can I talk to a human at Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines is serving a wide range of passengers throughout the world. And when we are dealing with such a large number of travelers every day, problems erupt. And to deal with these problems, they are offering their customer services to its passengers.

If you are an Iberia Airlines passenger who is looking forward to getting in touch with the human agent of their customer care team, then you can go through the information below. We are sharing some details that will help you contact the Airline's customer support team.


Iberia Customer Service hours

There are many airlines that are offering 24-hour customer service to their passengers. Iberia Airlines is no different. Now, all the passengers who are planning a trip with Iberia Airline or want to manage their reservation can talk to them anytime.

You can get your ticket booked, cancel, or request a refund on a canceled ticket through their customer care. While using any method provided by the Airline, the passengers must share their booking reference number and the last name of the passenger. This information will help you get effective advice from the airlines.

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Iberia customer service phone number

Passengers who want to use a direct method to contact Iberia Airlines can call 1-801-401-9000 or 1-877-657-0890 (OTA). This number will help you reach the Airline in no time. You have to follow the automated generated voice, enter the command, transfer your call, and seek assistance from the agent. This is considered one of the most effective methods for passengers because it will help you talk to the experts seamlessly.


Iberia Airlines customer service email

Suppose you are a little old school and want to send an email to the Airline for their assistance. You will be glad to know that this option is also available. You can drop an email to the Airline at You can write your query in the mail but don't forget to mention your booking details and the last name of the passenger.

The Airline will send you a reply within a few working days. If you think that your problem needs to be dealt with urgently, then all the passengers are advised not to use this method. 


Iberia customer service live chat.

Sometimes, passengers couldn't wait long for the airlines to reply to their requests or queries. In such cases, if the passengers are unable to get in touch with the Airline through a call, they can try the live chat method. This method is available on the Airline's official website.

On the website at, passengers can go to the 'customer service' option and look for the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the new page. Click on it and a chat box will open up where you can talk to the chatbot about travel issues.


How do I contact Iberia Plus

Iberia Plus is an elite position for passengers to grab some good deals on their flight tickets with their airlines. You will be able to accumulate Avios and elite points by using an Iberia Plus card. Here are some methods by which you will be able to contact Iberia Plus:


1. Iberia customer service phone number

The dedicated helpline, 1-801-401-9000 or 1-877-657-0890 (OTA), is available for all Iberia's passengers. They can seek reliable assistance from experts at this number. The agent on this number will help the passengers gather all the information related to Iberia Plus.


2. Iberia email address

Drop an email to the customer support team of Iberia Airlines. You need to mention your booking reference number and the last name of the passenger. Later, you can share details about your travel problem. The Airline will send you a reply within a few business days.


3. Iberia social media

Iberia is available on all the social media platforms. Passengers can seek general help regarding their travel problems directly from the Airline's reliable agents. Send a direct message to the airlines on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Iberia email address

There can be many passengers who face multiple issues while booking their flight with any airline. At that time, the customer support of the Airline played a vital role in helping the passengers seek the right aid. There are several options provided by Iberia customer services; however, sending an email is also an effective method by which you can attach the relevant documents to help the agent get a clear picture.

You can send an email to Iberia's email address,, where you need to share your booking details and the passenger's last name. Last but not least, don't forget to elaborate on the reason for the issue. The Airline will send you a reply ASAP.



Iberia is working its best to deliver the best services to its passengers. They are offering their customer services through their phone number, email, and many more.

You can relax and ask your queries to the Iberia customer care department any time of the day. They are not offering you limited-time support; you can connect with them anytime you feel like it, and they will provide you with the best advice to help you. You can read the related information in the article above and get rid of your travel issues ASAP.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I Book a Flight Ticket at Iberia Airlines?
Ans. To book a flight with Iberia Airlines, you first need to visit the official website of Iberia; in the menu tab, click on 'Flight booking.' Later, a new page will open where you can fill in your booking preferences in the given places and click on 'Search.' After this, a list of available flights will be displayed on the screen; you can select the ideal deal and pay for it to confirm the reservation.
Q. How can I get a refund from Iberia Airlines?
Ans. While canceling your booked flight, you can request a refund from Iberia Airlines. The amount you get as a refund and in what form is totally subject to the type of ticket you canceled, the time of your request, and many more. You can also seek help from Iberia customer service to get a refund for your flight cancellation.
Q. Iberia's contact number outside Spain
Ans. Passengers outside Spain who want to connect to the Iberia customer service department can call on their official phone number, 1-801-401-9000 or 1-877-657-0890 (OTA). Multiple passengers outside Spain use this number to talk to the experts about their flight issues.
Q. Iberia customer service phone number
Ans. Iberia customer service phone number, 1-801-401-9000 or 1-877-657-0890 (OTA), is the favorite stop for all the passengers to get some. The live agents at this number help the passengers deal with flight booking, rebooking, and canceling issues. You can make one phone call to solve all your itinerary issues.

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