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Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Date: 2023-09-25   Category: Blog   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Canada's flag carrier and largest airline by passenger traffic is Air Canada. Air Canada's headquarters are located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. Since 1937, the airline has served 222 destinations worldwide with scheduled and charter flights. Air Canada Express's regional connector service. Air Canada understands that mistakes can happen, and sometimes, passengers may need airline tickets to be corrected. In this document, we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the process of name correction for Air Canada airline tickets.

For more information about Air Canada Airline Ticket Name Correction, call 1-877-657-0890 or 1-888-247-2262. Air Canada will provide you with an agent who will guide you further. 

The steps required for Air Canada Airline Ticket Name Correction are mentioned below: 

  • Contact Air Canada customer service to commence the name correction process. You can discover their contact information on their website or booking confirmation. 
  • Assemble all relevant booking details, including your booking reference or ticket number, and ensure you have your identification documents, such as a passport or driver's license, on hand.
  • When you contact Air Canada's customer service, communicate your need for a name correction. 
  • Get ready to provide documentation that proves the correct name. This normally involves submitting a copy of your identification document displaying the accurate name.
  • Expect to encounter fees associated with the name correction, which can differ depending on your ticket type and the timing of the correction. 
  • Request and retain a confirmation of the correction from Air Canada, such as an email or reference number, to ensure the Change has been processed accurately.
  • After the correction request, carefully check your updated ticket to confirm that the name correction has been accurately implemented.

Air Canada Name Correction

Here, we have made an effort to furnish all the insights regarding Air Canada's Name Correction Policy so that travelers get familiar with the name correction: 

  • Air Canada allows name corrections for minor errors or misspellings in passenger names. 
  • Free corrections are typically allowed within 24 hours of booking, as long as it's not a significant name change.
  • Minor corrections like fixing typos or misspellings are generally accepted. 
  • Passengers must provide documentation, often a government-issued ID (like a passport), to prove the correct name.
  • Fees may apply for corrections requested outside the 24-hour window or for significant name changes. 
  • The correction process involves contacting Air Canada's customer service through their website, phone, or airport.
  • After processing, passengers should receive confirmation of the correction, such as an updated e-ticket or reference number. 
  • Changing names can be subject to availability and fare rules; sometimes, rebooking might be more cost-effective.

Air Canada Name Correction Fee

Airline policies regarding name corrections and associated fees can differ and are subject to change over time. Air Canada levies certain fees under varying cases. According to the Air Canada name correction policy, the airlines charge 200 USD per person as a name correction expense in addition to the fare discrepancy, if applicable. If the reservation is reserved within 24 hours of purchase, the airlines do not charge the Air Canada name correction fee, but the fare difference would still be imposed, if applicable.

Air Canada Name Correction Email Address

Air Canada permits you to email Air Canada customer service using their email address. You can put down your query in detail along with your contact number and email it to their mail address.

Air Canada Change Passenger Name Online

To modify the name online on Air Canada flight, you can do so either by visiting its official site or the mobile application and then following the following steps: 

  • Explore the Manage Booking tab on the site or the application. 
  • Select the option and log in with your last name and reference number.
  • After Signing in, the subtleties connected with your planned booking with different choices will appear on the screen. 
  • Click on Change and roll out the important modifications. (Save the records of verification and the justification for Change conveniently).
  • Fill in the posed inquiries connected with the name change and correction. 
  • At last, settle the payment accordingly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I correct my name on my Air Canada booking?
Ans. To correct your name on an Air Canada booking, travelers need to follow the following steps: 1. Contact Air Canada Customer Service: Reach out via phone or through their website. 2. Provide Booking Details: Share your booking reference (PNR) and flight details. 3. Explain the Issue: Clearly state the justification for correction and the accurate name. 4. Follow Instructions: Air Canada's team will direct you through the process, often demanding documentation. 5. Pay Fees: Be prepared to cover any applicable name correction fees. 6. Verify Changes: Double-check your updated booking details for accuracy after the modifications are made.
Q. What is the process for name correction on Air Canada flights?
Ans. To correct a name on an Air Canada flight booking, follow these steps: 1. Contact Air Canada Customer Service with your booking details. 2. Illustrate the correction required and furnish the accurate name. 3. Pursue instructions provided by Air Canada, which may possess submitting documentation. 4. Be prepared to spend any associated fees for the name correction. 5. Confirm your updated booking details for exactness after the modifications are made. Timeliness is essential, so contact them as soon as you notice the error to ensure a smooth correction process.
Q. Can I change the name on my Air Canada reservation?
Ans. Air Canada's policy on changing the name on a reservation is normally quite restrictive. In general, the name on a reservation is considered non-transferable, and modifying it is not a common practice. This policy helps to prevent fraud and misuse of tickets. However, exceptions or options may be available in distinct situations, such as minor name corrections due to spelling errors.
Q. Is there a fee for correcting a name on an Air Canada ticket?
Ans. Air Canada typically charges a fee for correcting a name on a ticket. The fee amount could vary depending on the specific cases and the type of ticket you purchased. Here, we have answered the probable questions regarding the Ticket Name Correction of Air Canada airlines that customers might wonder about.