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JetBlue Airline Name Change Policy

Date: 2023-09-16   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
JetBlue Airline Name Change Policy

JetBlue Airline Name Change Policy

If you have made mistakes in your name while booking a JetBlue Airlines flight, don't worry about it. JetBlue Airline's name change policy helps you modify your name. An incorrect name can be on the ticket due to incorrect spelling or reversal. It's also possible for passengers to request a name correction due to marriage, divorce, or other legal issues. JetBlue Airlines makes it easy for passengers to change their names.

Remember the JetBlue Airline name change policy before changing your name on the ticket. Contact JetBlue Airlines customer service, as changing names can be applied to some fees. You will get to know the details you need to change your name on the ticket. 

Read below to learn more details, policies, and other related things if you want to change your name on the ticket. 


JetBlue Name Correction Methods

Mistakes can happen, and sometimes the name on a passenger's booking may not be accurate. The JetBlue name change policy provides different methods for name change. You can use either online or offline mode according to your convenience. JetBlue air tickets can be corrected by any of these methods:


1. Change Name by Using the Offline Method

 The easiest option to change your name on the JetBlue Airlines ticket is by calling JetBlue Airlines customer service. Dial 1 (415) 677-0888 or 1 (800) 538-2583 (OTA) and get answers about the British name correction policy and other related things from their finest customer service assistant. The airline's customer service team is trained to handle name change requests and can help you navigate the process. 


2. JetBlue name change online method

 One of the easiest ways to correct the name is through the airline's online booking system. If you are comfortable with choosing the online method to change your name on the ticket then there are many options available you can choose to do so. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Name change by reaching their website: Reach the JetBlue Airlines official website. Then, navigate to the "Manage my bookings" section. Enter your login credentials. When you click to proceed, choose "change my name" or another option if you want to make any other changes to the ticket. You will be given a confirmation number for your registered flight, which you may type into the appropriate box and continue. Pay the JetBlue Airlines Name Change Fee, and you will receive the revised ticket at your registered cellphone number. Please read the British Name Change Policy and terms and conditions to fly hassle-free.
  • Change name via the live chat option: Use the live chat option available on the official website of JetBlue Airlines. To access this, reach the JetBlue Airlines website and see the bottom right side of their website. You will find a Live chat logo there. Tap on it. You will receive a message box where you have to type your query about changing your name, JetBlue Airlines Name Change policy, JetBlue Airlines name change contact number and other related things. 
  • Change name via JetBlue Airlines social media channels: JetBlue Airlines has a presence on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms. Go to their profiles and follow them. You can also go to their D.M., message box or tweet them about JetBlue Airlines' name change online methods and JetBlue Airlines' name change policy. 
  • JetBlue Airlines name change via Emailing: For contacting JetBlue Airlines through the email option, go to the JetBlue Airlines official website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the "Contact Us" section. Click on the "Email us" option. You will be redirected to the JetBlue Airlines contact page. Select the JetBlue Airlines name correction option. Fill out the required details, including your contact information and details asked about the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy. Click on the "Submit" button to submit the email.
  • JetBlue Airline name change through App: Customers need to download the app from the Play Store, App Store, or any other site, as mentioned by the airline. You can go along with the following steps for making changes to the JetBlue air ticket. First, sign in on the JetBlue mobile app. Second, pick up the "JetBlue Manage Booking" option. Third, provide the reservation details, like name, ticket number, etc. Fourth, choose the change or correction you want to make, whether in flight name, seat, etc. Then, select the "change name" option accordingly. Fifth, make the changes or corrections by following the directions. Last, confirm the changes and request a new reservation with your correct name. 

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JetBlue Airlines Name Change Fee

JetBlue Airlines allows its customers to modify their booking details, including their name, under certain circumstances. JetBlue says most fares have no change or cancellation fees, except Blue Basic. There's a $100 change or cancellation fee for Blue Basic fares within North America, Central America, or the Caribbean, and $200 for everything else.  

JetBlue Airlines charges a name change fee when customers want to change the name on their flight booking. The fee varies depending on the fare class of the ticket and the date of the name change. Look below for the name change fees according to the different classes:

1. Basic Economy: Basic Economy fares will charge $75 per name change.

2. Blue: A name change fee of $50 per person will be charged for Blue fares.

3. Blue Plus: A name change fee of $25 per person will be charged for Blue Plus fares.

4. Blue Flex: A name change fee of $15 per person will be charged for Blue Flex fares.

5. Mint: A name change fee of $10 per person will be charged for Mint fares.

Remember to read the JetBlue Airline Name Change Policy, JetBlue name correction online methods, and other related policies and methods to change your name. 


Name change policy Jetblue domestic flights

JetBlue Airline allows name changes for domestic flights. Here's JetBlue's domestic name change policy. JetBlue Airline name change policy applies to customers who need to revise their legal name, commonly known as a name change. 

Name corrections must meet these criteria:

A name correction can't replace one customer with another. Name changes are subject to our name change policy.  

Name corrections must meet the following criteria:

  • There can only be one validating carrier, JetBlue (B6/279).
  • JetBlue must operate and/or validate all flights on the ticket (B6/279).
  • A name correction can only be done once per ticket. Name corrections are considered a name change and are subject to fees and fare increases.
  • Flights, travel dates, fare classes, and fare basis codes can't be changed (if the original fare isn't available, see Instructions #3).
  • Mid-travel, minor name changes are allowed to match government I.D.s/passports.
  • The date of birth & gender can't be changed with a name correction. Corrections to the DOB and the name would be considered a name change and would be subject to our Name Change Policy.
  • Only minor changes to the date of birth are allowed due to booking errors.
  • You can only make one correction per customer. We have a JetBlue Airlines name change policy for any further changes.



JetBlue lets you change your name on your reservation under certain conditions. You can change your name online, over the phone, at the airport ticket counter, or through your travel agent. It's important to note that name change policies vary, and fees may apply. For more details, contact the JetBlue customer service phone number. Remember to read the JetBlue Airline name change policy before changing the name on your ticket.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. who owns Jetblue Airways corporation
Ans. JetBlue Airways Corporation is a publicly traded company, so shares can be bought and sold. Robin Hayes, Joanna Geraghty, Brandon Nelson, Elliott Management Corporation, BlackRock, Inc. Elliott Management Corporation, a hedge fund, owns approximately 6.36% of JetBlue Airways Corporation's shares.
Q. how safe is Jetblue Airways
Ans. It's JetBlue Airways' mission to keep its passengers and crew safe. All federal and state safety regulations are met and exceeded by the airline. To ensure the safety and security of its flights, JetBlue implemented various safety measures. One of the primary factors contributing to the safety of JetBlue Airways is the extensive training and experience of the airline's crew members.
Q. Does Jetblue own Breeze Airways
Ans. JetBlue doesn't own Breeze Airways. David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue, founded Breeze Airways in 2018. JetBlue and Breeze Airways both offer low-cost air travel. JetBlue, founded in 1999, operates mostly in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. Breeze Airways launched its first flight in May 2021 and currently operates routes in several states, including Florida, California, Texas, and the Midwest.
Q. Is Jetblue Airways good
Ans. Mostly, JetBlue Airlines ranks high for its services. The airline is known for its friendly flight attendants and attentive staff. Passengers can expect prompt assistance, even during busy times. JetBlue Airways also has a strong focus on providing a positive experience on the ground, with efficient check-in processes and well-maintained airport terminals. Now, you can also change your name on the ticket if you mistakenly write your name incorrectly.

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