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LOT Polish Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

Date: 2023-09-20   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
LOT Polish Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

The Lot Polish Airlines Flight date change policy is allowed for passengers who want to change their flight date according to their needs and comfort, and they can also reschedule their flight on another date or time with the help of Lot Polish Airlines through their official websites or via call customer service number 1-877-657-0890 or 1-212-789-0970

Alterations to the reservation may be made up to three hours before the flight departs. However, since there are limits on modifying tickets purchased online, we suggest you make any necessary adjustments to your tickets six hours before your flight.

LOT Polish Airlines Ticket Date Modification Online

Don't bother asking anyone else to change your ticket. Now, travellers may easily modify their tickets from the convenience of their couches. A description of how to change a date online is provided below:

  • Visit the Polish LOT Website.
  • You have a choice of the language and the closest airport.
  • "Manage My Bookings" would be a section at the top of the home page.
  • Click to choose the flight ticket preference.
  • Press the search button after entering your surname and reservation reference number.
  • On the screen would be the details of your flight.
  • Your contact number and email address will receive a notification regarding the situation.
  • You can now make changes to your airline ticket based on your preferences.

LOT Polish Flight Ticket Date Change Through Call

Passengers now have a wide range of options for tailoring their experience. If you don't want to do it online, you can easily make the changes offline by calling the airline's headquarters. The airline is managed by a group of seasoned professionals renowned for their remarkable problem-solving skills. 

The travellers must dial 1-877-657-0890 or 1-212-789-0970 Toll-Free and speak with the executive assigned to them to explain their situation.

Before making necessary date adjustments, the executive would evaluate the departure date and other passenger information. The passengers would be charged a minimal service cost, and the price would be the same for the new date.

Ticket Counter Date Changes For LOT Polish Airlines

Offline changes can be made in numerous ways. However, many people adore going to the ticket office or the airport to change their flight tickets. Visitors to the ticket office are welcome to chat with an airline expert who is there. The executives would become aware of your situation and help you as needed.

Bring the relevant documentation or ID proof with you to prove your identity. The change would be made following the LOT Polish date change policy. The executives are kind and eager to help the travellers.

Rebooking options

Have your plans changed? You can check the possibility and the amount of the rebooking fee by checking the fare terms during ticket purchase or in the Manage Booking tab.

What you need to do to change your ticket quickly and easily:

  • You can change your access on the website via Manage Booking.
  • You can use the Ticket Change form – you will receive a confirmation of the change of your ticket reservation.
  • You can also reschedule your flight through our Contact Center.


  • If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, change the dates via your travel agent.
  • If you are travelling with an animal, don't hesitate to contact us to confirm the availability of the service for the new date.
  • Changing the route is possible in the case of a change from an international flight to an international flight and from a domestic flight to a domestic flight.
  • If a pet transportation service is included in your reservation, please get in touch with us and confirm the availability of this service for your new flight date.


In conclusion, The Lot Polish Airlines flight date change policy can be changed without additional cost within +/- 30 days from the original travel date in the same compartment. If no flights are available within +/- 30 days after the actual travel date, then +/- 30 days are counted from the first available scheduled flight.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change the date of my LOT Polish Airlines flight?
Ans. You can change your ticket on the website via Manage Booking. You can use the Ticket Change form – you will receive a confirmation of the change of your ticket reservation. You can also reschedule your flight through our Contact Center.
Q. Can I modify my LOT Polish Airlines flight date?
Ans. Yes, you can also reschedule your flight through our Contact Center.
Q. Is there a fee for changing flight dates with LOT Polish Airlines?
Ans. After 24 hours of buying, you will be charged between zł 454 and zł 1135 if you change your name. The fee will be charged following LOT Polish Airlines' name change policy, depending on your name change priority.
Q. Can I change my flight to an earlier date with LOT Polish Airlines?
Ans. Yes, you can reschedule your flight to an earlier date with LOT Polish Airlines.

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