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Lufthansa Airline Flight Cancellation Policy

Date: 2024-04-02   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
Lufthansa Airline Flight Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Airline Flight Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Airlines has a straightforward cancellation policy that lets you cancel your reservation and get a refund or change it. The cancellation policy varies depending on the fare type and booking conditions. To understand specific cancellation policies, passengers should carefully review the terms and conditions associated with their reservation. Lufthansa Airlines charges cancellation fees when you cancel. The higher the fare, the higher the cancellation fee. The cancellation period refers to how long passengers have to cancel their reservation without paying a fee. Read below to learn about the Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy.

To know more about Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, you can call their customer service agent. Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service representative will let you know all the details about this policy. 


Lufthansa Airline Flight Cancellation/Refund Policy

If your travel plans change, Lufthansa allows you to cancel your flight up to 24 hours before departure. For a refundable ticket, there is no cancellation fee. Lufthansa Airline Flight cancellation policy does not allow cancellation of a non-refundable ticket.

Under certain circumstances, non-refundable tickets can also be refunded. You can cancel a non-refundable ticket and get a full refund. You can get a full refund if you meet these conditions:

  • Lufthansa's cancellation policy within 24 hours of booking for flights departing seven days or more qualifies for a full refund. This applies to all fare types.
  • You'll get a full refund if you cancel with Lufthansa.
  • You're eligible for a full refund if:
    • More than two hours if triggered by an irregularity more than a day before departure.
    • It can take more than 5 hours if it's triggered by an irregularity on departure day.
  • Tickets that are refundable are refundable.
  • If you're denied boarding, you'll get a full refund.
  • A full refund may be available for flight cancellations caused by special circumstances, such as a death or serious illness.


Lufthansa Airline Flight Cancellation/Refund Methods

Lufthansa Airlines makes canceling flights super easy. Cancel the flight, get a refund, or talk with an agent regarding this. Here's how to cancel/refund your flight on Lufthansa Airlines step-by-step by using the different methods: 


1. Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation/Refund Booking Offline 

Call Lufthansa Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 645-3880 or 1 877 657-0890 (OTA) and follow the process ahead. Please explain your request and provide the necessary information to the assistant provided to you. During the call, the agent will let you know about the flight cancellation fee and fare difference (if any). You can accept the changes made by them or ask for another option. Make sure you have your booking reference number to cancel your flight and get a successful refund. 

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2. Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Booking Online:

If you want to cancel your flight online, you can do so by following the methods and steps mentioned below:

  • Cancel your flight through Lufthansa Airlines official website: Your booking can be canceled online if you booked your flight directly with Lufthansa Airlines (through, the Airline's call center, or sales office). For flight cancellation/refund online, visit Then click Manage Your Booking. It'll take you to the Manage Your Booking option. Fill in your booking details (reference number and last name). Click the search button. Choose the flight you want to cancel. By following the process, you can successfully cancel your flight and get a refund. Make sure it's right. You'll have to pay the cancellation fee plus the difference in fares. But before canceling your flight ticket, read the Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy. 


  • Cancel Lufthansa flight via Live Chat option: Use the live chat option available on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. To access this, reach the Lufthansa Airlines website and see the bottom right side of their website. You will find a Live chat logo there. Tap on it. You will receive a message box where you have to type your query about canceling your flight, Lufthansa Airlines flight Cancellation policy, Lufthansa Airlines Flight cancellation Fee, and other related things. 


  • Cancel Lufthansa flight via Lufthansa Airlines social media channels: Lufthansa Airlines has a presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Check out their profiles and follow them. Also, you can go to their DM, message box, or tweet them about Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation policy and the fees associated with it. 


  • Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation via Emailing: For contacting Lufthansa Airlines through the email option, go to the Lufthansa Airlines official website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the "Contact Us" section. Click on the "Email us" option. You will be redirected to the Lufthansa Airlines contact page. Select the Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation option. Fill out the required details, including your contact information and details asked about the Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation policy. Click on the "Submit" button to submit the email. 


  • Cancel your flight at your nearest international airport by visiting the Lufthansa Airlines airport desk. Go to the Lufthansa Airlines airport desk after you land. An agent will help you out here. Tell them about the flight cancellation issue you're having. 


  • Cancel Flight Itinerary through Lufthansa Airlines official app: You need to download the app from the Play Store, App Store, or any other site, as mentioned by the Airline. You can go along with the following steps for canceling Lufthansa Airlines flight tickets. First, sign in on the Lufthansa Airlines mobile app. Second, pick up the "Lufthansa Cancel Booking" option. Third, provide the reservation details, like name, ticket number, etc. Fourth, choose the cancellation/refund you want to make, whether in flight name, seat, etc. Then, select the "cancel booking" option accordingly. Fifth, cancel your booking or get a refund by following the directions. Last, confirm your cancellation and request a refund. 

Remember to read the Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation policy before canceling your flight through these methods. These are the easiest and most preferred methods to cancel your flight and get a refund of your past itinerary. 


How to Cancel a Lufthansa Flight

The following steps will guide you through the cancellation process if you've booked a flight with Lufthansa:

Step 1: Visit Lufthansa Airlines official website

To cancel your Lufthansa flight, go to the Lufthansa website. Visit the airline's website directly or use a search engine. 

Step 2: Log in to Your Lufthansa Account

You'll need to log in once you're on the Lufthansa website. Enter your username, email address, and password if you already have one. You'll need to create an account if you're new to Lufthansa.

Step 3: Find Your Flight Details

Go to "Manage Booking" once you're logged in. You'll find all your flight bookings here. Click on the flight you want to cancel.

Step 4: Select the Flight and Cancel It

On the flight details page, you will find many cancellation options. Select the flight you want to cancel and click the "Cancel" button.

Step 5: Confirm the Cancellation

When you click the cancellation option, you'll have to confirm. Make sure you read the Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy and other policies like refund related to it. 

You can also cancel your flight by calling Lufthansa Airlines customer service, using the live chat option available on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines or by visiting your nearest airport and reaching the Lufthansa Airlines airport desk. 


Lufthansa Airline 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Airline 24-hour cancellation policy lets you cancel your flight and get a full refund under certain conditions. You have to meet these criteria to get a refund:

  • Cancel within 24 hours: Flights can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase. When you book, the clock starts ticking.
  • Departure date at least seven days later: Your flight's departure date must be at least seven days away from cancellation. If your flight is scheduled to take off within seven days, the 24-hour cancellation policy may not apply.

This policy covers all types of tickets, even non-refundable ones. You can change your plans within 24 hours without paying anything.

Remember, to qualify for a full refund, you must fulfill both conditions mentioned above. If you don't meet any of these conditions, you might not get a full refund. So, if you need to make changes shortly after booking, Lufthansa's 24-hour cancellation policy gives you peace of mind.

Remember to read Lufthansa Airline 24-hour cancellation Policy before making any changes to your ticket. 


Lufthansa Airline Flight Cancellation Fees

Lufthansa Airlines cancellation fees vary depending on travel class and fare type. Here is an overview of cancellation fees:


Economy class

  • The Economy Saver and Economy Basic fares are non-refundable.
  • If you want to cancel or refund your Economy Basic Plus I fare, you'll have to pay USD 300.
  • You can cancel and get a refund on Economy Flex II fares.


Premium Economy Class

  • Basic Premium Economy fares are non-refundable and non-cancellable.
  • Fares in Premium Economy and Basic Plus II can be canceled and refunded, subject to a USD 500 fee.
  • The Premium Economy Flex fares can be canceled and refunded for free.


Business Class

  • Business Basic fares are non-refundable and non-cancelable.
  • For USD 500, you can cancel and refund Business Basic Plus II fares.
  • Fares for Business Flex can be canceled and refunded for free.


First Class

  • First, Basic fares are non-refundable and non-cancellable.
  • First, Basic Plus fares can be canceled and refunded, but there's a fee of USD 500.
  • There's a USD 750 cancellation fee for First Basic Plus II fares.
  • You can cancel and get a refund on First Flex fares.


Please note that all these fares depend on Lufthansa Airline flight cancellation policy and Lufthansa Airline 24-hour cancellation policy. After you read these, you will get a Lufthansa flight cancellation refund. 

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Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation policy makes it easy for you to cancel your flight bookings or change itineraries. To ensure a hassle-free and smooth experience, passengers should know the terms and conditions associated with their flight cancellation or change. I hope you get all your queries solved by the information provided in this article. Stay Safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. How do I get my money back on the Lufthansa flight?
Ans. Refunds for Lufthansa flights can be requested by canceling your trip and requesting a refund under "Flight details" in "My Bookings." You can also cancel and refund Lufthansa flights online up to 24 hours before your flight. You can manually contact Lufthansa Customer Care Service if you can't request a refund.
Q. 2. How long will it Take to refund the amount?
Ans. If you bought your ticket with a credit card, Lufthansa will refund your tickets within seven days, and if you bought it with cash or check, you'll get a refund within 20 days. If you're stuck waiting for more than 5 hours, you're entitled to a refund. If your flight is delayed, you'll get a partial or full refund. 
Q. 3. What happens if my Lufthansa flight is canceled?
Ans. If Lufthansa cancels a flight, you can get a refund through the Lufthansa Chat Assistant, the app, or My Bookings. You can also request a refund through a link. Contact your travel agency if you booked your ticket through them. If Lufthansa cancels your flight with less than 14 days notice, they must put you on the next available flight or refund your ticket price. You can also get a refund if you didn't take Lufthansa's alternative flight. 

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