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Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy

Date: 2023-09-27   Category: Blog   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy

Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy understands their travel plans can change suddenly, and to contain such changes, they offer an adjustable flight change policy. The policy provides passengers with an easy way to modify their travel exploration without contracting relevant costs or prices. Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy allows customers to change their flights based on certain eligibility criteria and obey the airline's terms and conditions.

Fiji Airways Flight Change Fee

The Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy charges some costs for changing a flight; if the cost for the new Flight is greater than the earlier paid one, the change will be charged. Refunds will only be given if the cost is lower. Any previously selected add-ons still accessible for the new Flight will be combined in your reservation. Please select another extra to utilize the remaining balance if they are unavailable. 

You must purchase a new travel insurance policy for updated trip dates, and a new confirmation email will be sent. The initial allowance will be refunded to your bank card automatically. If you are still waiting to receive the updated confirmation email, contact your travel insurance provider through their customer services number 1-877-657-0890 or 1-800-227-4446.

Essential Policies For Rescheduling Your Fiji Airways Flight

In the Fiji Airways Flight Change policy, some important policies are used for rescheduling your Fiji Airways flight: Fiji Airways change cost of 200 USD may be relevant within 24 hours of the scheduled leaving date within seven days at the same time of flight change. Fiji Airways flight change within 24 hours should not be suitable after using the future travel bank card. 

Customers do not need to pay any Fiji Airways change fee within 24 hours, but any suitable fare difference should be composed. Fiji Airways' change Flight within 24 hours policy should only be suitable on the flights booked via the airline’s portal, Fiji Airways’ 24-hour change policy would apply to all expense types, classes of service, and all fare conditions.

Rules Of  Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy

In the Fiji Airways flight change policy, there are some rules for changing the Flight for passengers who can reschedule their flights within 24 hours of buying their ticket, providing that the scheduled leaving date is at least 7 days away at the time of the request. There are some highlights or rules of Fiji Airways flight change policy : 

  • The Flight must arise from or go to the United States or Canada. 
  • The 24-hour flight change policy doesn't apply to private fares, army fares, or bookings finished with frequent jet points. 
  • A change price of $200 may apply if the flight change is made within 24 hours of the rescheduled leaving date and within 7 days of that same time of the change. 
  • Fiji Airways's 24-hour flight change policy doesn't apply if a future travel credit has been used. 
  • Within 24 hours, passengers are not required to pay a Fiji Airways flight change fee, but any fare difference might be paid. 
  • The 24 hour flight change policy only applies to flights booked by the airline's official sites. 
  • The 24-hour flight change policy applies to all price types, service classes, and fare conditions offered by Fiji Airways flight change policy.

Ways To Change And Correct Your Name On Fiji Airways Ticket

In the Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy, there are some methods to change their Flight because they delayed or rescheduled it for personal reasons. These are the methods:

Through Online Via The Websites 

  • Firstly, You can access the official Fiji Airways website and log in using your account information. 
  • You can insert your last name or ticket authority number if you don't have an account. 
  • Once you log in, please select the "Handle My Booking" Option. 
  • Then click on your ticket, explore various options, and select the "Flight Change" option from the submenu. 
  • Now check for flight information on the applicable date. 
  • Now, Submit the changes; if it is caused, pay the change between the original and new Flight. 
  • If the following Flight is the cheapest, you will receive a refund for your future flights. 
  • You will receive the updated flight information once the payment is received through email, phone, or online in the "Handle my Booking" area.

Through Offline Via Ticket Counter

There is another option or method to Change your Fiji Airways flight ticket through the ticket counter for making ticket modifications offline when you arrive at the airport. Passengers who wish to change their ticket through the contact center should follow the same steps. Then, typically, we will meet the passengers at the airport and help them with the final part of their journey. 

Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy on flight alteration includes a management fee that might be charged to any passenger's search changes through this method. The cost will remain the same; be cautious of the passenger's ticket type. The cost must be paid once the changes have been finished and all necessary alterations have been made.

Through Phone Call 

Through Fiji Airways Flight ChangePolicy for Changing Flight by phone, call the customer services number, request to change your Flight, and explore assistance from our flight executive. You should be asked for:

  • First, Flight booking confirmation information such as a 13-digit ticket number or a 6-digit booking reference must be essential, allowing the Fiji Airways manager to recover the booking. 
  • In the Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy, the Flight rebooking request should be submitted 24 hours earlier to arrange to leave. 
  • Talk with the agent to see if your flight booking has been modified for the changes. 
  • If yes, provide new travel dates and landing places per cost condition. 
  • The agent will provide you with a new flight option for accessibility. 
  • Now, you pay the compulsory Fiji Airways change cost and any price difference on your reservation. 
  • Once the payment is successfully made, Fiji Airways processes changes to the actual booking, and confirmation should be sent to the mail in less than 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to change a flight with Fiji Airways?
Ans. It will charge 250 USD for flight change with Fiji Airways.
Q. What is the cancellation policy for Fiji Airways?
Ans. The Fiji Airways cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight ticket for free if the cancellation is completed within 24 hours of the booking.
Q. Can you change a flight after booking?
Ans. Yes, you can change the Flight after booking but before departure.
Q. Does Fiji Airways allow name change?
Ans. Yes, Fiji Airways allows name change under the Fiji Airways name change policy when you write an incorrect name on the flight ticket.