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ITA Airways Change Flight Policy

Date: 2023-09-28   Category: Blog   Author: Cheap Booking Flight
ITA Airways Change Flight Policy

The ITA Airways Change Flight Policy provides flexibility for passengers who need to change their travel plans. You can change your flight booking, such as changing the date or time of the flight, without incurring any change fees (except for Economy Light fares). However, you must pay the difference in fares (old vs new) in all cases. 

Additionally, you must adhere to the rules and restrictions of the fare class originally booked by you to be eligible for changes. To make a flight change, contact the ITA Airways customer service team, sales/ticketing office, or the travel agent from whom you purchased your ticket.

ITA Airways Change Flight Online

Below are the steps for changing anything on the internet.

  • Navigate to the ITA Airways main website using any server.
  • A "My Bookings" feature would be at the top of the main page.
  • After you've chosen a flight, enter your booking reference number and surname.
  • Choose the search option.
  • The screen would show your flight information.
  • After you've logged in, you can change your tickets.
  • Pay the difference (if any) to proceed with the changes you want.
  • These simple steps would be used to implement the changes. A new ticket with your email address and phone number will be sent to you.

ITA Airways Change Flight At The Airport

  • If you want to purchase a ticket and make changes in the most reliable manner possible, visit the airport ticket counter.
  • Go to the ticket window and ask an executive for help.
  • The executive will need your booking reference number and name to access the flight info.
  • Explain to your executive what modifications you wish to make before sending the revisions. In some scenarios, flight changes are only done after verifying the paperwork. Therefore, bring a document. The executives will review your eligibility and notify you of the change fee per the ITA Airways flight change policy.
  • The changes would be made immediately, and you would be given a new ticket.

Flight Change Fee With ITA Airways

Depending on ticket type, date, and destination, surcharges on ITA airlines range from $100 to $500. If you change your flight within 24 hours of booking, there is no fee if your departure date is more than seven days away. This airline, as adaptable as it is, is not without limitations. When a traveler cannot adhere to the airline's change restrictions, a change fee is assessed.

  • The cost of an ITA Airways flight change is different for all passengers. The fee for changing a ticket is generally determined by several factors, including the destination, time of change, and ticket type (refundable or non-refundable).
  • The change flight fee appears higher for international travelers than domestic passengers.
  • Passengers can make only one free change to their tickets. The airline will charge them for both instances if they make the changes twice.

Various Ways To Change Flight On ITA Airways

As per ITA flight change policy, ITA Airways provide three ways to change flight on ITA Airways:

  • By visiting the official website of ITA Airways.

You are permitted to change your flights by yourself by using online mode. Below are some steps that will help you: 

  • Visit the ITA official website for ITA flight changes.
  • Tap on My Flights. 
  • The enter code and name which is on a ticket. 
  • Tap on Search. 
  • Hit on Change flight once you get ticket information.
  • If they ask for a fee, then pay.
  • Confirm and submit to make changes.
  • You will get a confirmation message at your registered email ID.  
  • By calling the customer care number. 

  • Dial at 1-877-657-0890 or 1-877-793-1717.
  • Ask the customer care executive for ITA flight change.
  • Provide them with all the details for confirmation.
  • They will help you with a flight change.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Conformation mail you will get on the registered Email ID. 
  • Visiting the ITA Airways ticket booth.

  • Visit the ticketing booth, give you a ticket, and request to change the flight.
  • Pay the fee as per ita flight change policy.
  • They will provide a new changed flight ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I change my ITA flight reservation?
Ans. You can call customer service or visit the nearest airport and request to change your ITA flight reservation then your ita flight change.
Q. What is the process for flight change with ITA Software?
Ans. You may call 1-877-657-0890 or 1-877-793-1717. Visit the nearest ITA ticket booth. Through a travel agent if you purchase from them.
Q. Can I modify my ITA flight booking online?
Ans. As per ITA flight change policy, you can modify flight booking online.
Q. Is there a fee for changing flights through ITA?
Ans. Yes, there are fees for changing flights through ITA change flight. As per the ITA flight change policy: EURO 150 to/from the US. USD 120 to/from Israel. EURO 200 to Brazil and Argentina. USD 190 from Brazil and Argentina. EURO 65 within Italy EURO 65 for other international flights.
Q. What are the steps to reschedule a flight using ITA Software?
Ans. Call the customer care number and request to reschedule a flight, or visit the nearest ticketing booth to reschedule your flight.